Tips for Villages Home Owners

Tips For Renting Your Home as a Furnished Rental

  1. Take inventory of everything in the home, and also take photos. It the tenant removes or damages your property from abuse, you will have grounds to keep a portion or all of the security deposit. (this would not include normal wear and tear.)
  2. Buy mid grade furnishings and expect normal wear and tear. Low grade furnishings will wear out much more quickly, costing you more money.
  3. Provide instruction manuals for appliances and electronics, tv instructions for all streaming and youtube users ( and any other special instructions) in a notebook on the kitchen counter.
  4. Keep furnishings simple. If you have a collection or any unique items for your enjoyment when you are staying in the home, keep them with other personal items in a special locked cabinet and take them out when you are staying in the home.
  5. Use a reputable property manager. Their costs can be covered with additional occupancy times, as many will have a waiting list for available times. We will also check on your property for you when it is vacant for a small fee.
  6. Provide a list of preferred service people for your property manager to call in case of emergencies.
  7. Keep good records of all expenses for your taxes. You have many deductions, including all your utilities and property maintenance, and any repairs.