Property Management Services, Functions or    Descriptions Comparison Sheet

  Re/Max Premier
Company is a Florida licensed Real Estate Corporation and members of the National Association or REALTORS. Yes
Company has (currently 8) offices within their marketing territory. Yes
Company is affiliated with Re/Max International the largest real estate corporation in the world. Yes
Company employs Florida Licensed real Estate agents. Yes
Company is staffed with nationally licensed and recognized REALTORS (there is a difference from a licensed agent). Yes
Company property management staff is dedicated full time staff for performing property management duties. Yes
Company markets properties within the multiple listing service "MLS" where applicable. Yes
Company markets to, Zillow, Trulia and many others where applicable. Yes
Company markets on where applicable. Yes
Company markets on vacation rental by owner  / where applicable. Yes
Company customizes its marketing, pricing and availability to each individual property and owners desires. Yes
Company has a complete linens, towels, blankets program available for customers who desire it (not Mandatory). Yes
Company allows owners various options on key managemt for their home. Yes
Company charges owners management fees ONLY ON RENTAL INCOME charged to the renter, renters pay all ancillary fees. Yes
Company offers owners direct deposit of their monies due to an institution with a routing number and account number for their funds. Yes
Company requires owners to have an escrow account established for any maintenance and repair issues. No
Company charges owners management fees on credit card processing & other misc. & admin fees above rental monies. No
Company notifies owners of each and every reservation made to include dates and rental income amount for all reservations.  Yes
Company provides owners with monthly income and expense statements. Yes
Company allows owners to use and block dates for their own property as desired (if not already reserved). Yes
Company allows owners to determine what dates and periods are made available to clients or renters at all times. Yes
Company offers short term rentals (furnished) for vacation, business and casual travelers alike. Yes
Company offers long term rentals (furnished or unfurnished) and leases. Yes
Company collects and submits on owners behalf, any Florida mandated by law transcient rental taxes. Yes
Company processes Villages ID's for arriving where applicable for its clients. Yes
Company handles all calls from tenants, neighbors, community watch or owners on every property they manage. Yes
Company offers FREE inspection on any and all issues at the property while they managing the home. Yes
Company has their own maintenance division generally resulting in very competitive quotes for required services. Yes
Company provides owners with a year end statement of accounting on activity for their property. Yes
Company issues annual 1099 to owners for tax purposes. Yes
Company culture and focus is to protect the property, protect the property owner while striving to have happy renters. Yes