Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What makes RE/MAX Premier Property Management the right choice for clients considering a Florida licensed property manager?

  • RE/MAX Premier is a Florida Licensed Real Estate Corporation with (currently 8) offices in and around The Villages –North Central Florida. The RE/MAX international brand recognition provides greater exposure for marketing and has a client base and market that recognizes and trusts our brand.
  • Our corporate goals are to meet or exceed the expectations of all our clients. We are transparent in all that we do. Our focus is to protect your home, protect you our property owner and client and protect our renters or tenants and we work very hard to accomplish this focus in our daily management of properties.
  • Our property management staff is dedicated to full time property management services providing a complete focus on property management.
  • RE/MAX Premier is one of the few property managers you will find in our area that has a maintenance division which assists us with keeping costs down for our property owners.


Q:My property is located inside the Villages, who completes all the documents they require including processing ID card requisitioning?

  • RE/MAX Premier property, management processes all forms and documents including the Villages required paperwork for incoming renters.


Q:What types of services do you offer pertaining to residential property management at RE/MAX Premier Property Management?

  • RE/MAX Premier Property management does all types of residential property management to include, short term or long term, furnished or unfurnished, older or newer properties, large or small we do it all! Although our property management staff is solely dedicated to just that, we do have a dedicated real estate sales and acquisition staff which also allows us to handle rent or lease to own and other variations owners may desire of us. We truly customize what we do for each individual owner and the specific property we are managing for them.


Q:What does RE/MAX Premier Property Management offer for the Marketing of my property to clients?

  • We feel comfortable that our marketing is second to none! We are affiliated with RE/MAX international; we have our own international website, we are Realtors and as such use the MLS- Multiple listing service to include: Zillow, Trulia and other real estate websites where applicable. For our short term personal, business and vacation travelers we market on and which are two of the largest venues in the world.


Q:As the property owner can I use my property and block out dates?

  • YES- each time a reservation is received, you as the property owner will be notified of the dates and the rental income. You as an owner are free to update  us or request that specific periods be blocked for your own use with NO fees or restrictions providing property is not already reserved.


Q:How does RE/MAX Premier Property Management deal with issues or problems at my home either while its occupied or not?

  • Any and all issues at a property we manage will be inspected by us. During that inspection a determination will be made as to whether any issues are directly related to tenant use or abuse. This service is a major key in protecting our owners' homes while also providing a buffer from unneeded service calls being charged to an owner. Owners shall be informed of any major issues and then allowed to make decisions on how they desire to proceed excepting in true emergencies where the home needs immediate attention to protect it, at time the minimal of services possible will be performed to protect the residence and then you will be contacted.

Q:How does RE/MAX Premier Property Management deal with Florida Transient rental taxes?

  • Florida law mandates that any rentals of sleeping accommodations that are less than 6 months and one day are subject to transient rental taxes. We collect, manage in separate (audited monthly) escrow accounts as required by the Florida regulations and submit those taxes monthly on the owner's behalf.


Q:Does RE/MAX Premier Property Management require me to have an escrow account for maintenance or repairs?

  • NO, we feel that just like you would not pay a trades company to do a service prior to performing the service, if your property managers are solvent, you should not have a need to escrow monies with them.


Q: When and how do I receive my money from RE/MAX Premier Property Management?

  • On rentals that are for one calendar month or longer, rents for the current month will be disbursed to owners between the 10th - 20th  of that month. For short term rentals during any calendar month, rents shall be disbursed to owners between the 10th -20th of the following calendar month. Rents can be paid via direct deposit to any account you authorize us to. Owners shall receive monthly statements, annual year end statements and 1099’s for tax purposes.


Q:What do property owners need to provide Re/MAX Premier property management once they have decided to sign on their property?

  • Owners shall only need to provide the following documents.
  • The Declaration page of your homeowners Insurance Policy
  • A copy of the property owners ID or Passport
  • All other required documents shall be supplied in our onboarding new customer paperwork.


Q:How much do you think my home will rent for?

  • We will be happy to have a consult with you regarding the marketing and rental rates for your specific property during which we will evaluate and inform you of the current market rates for your home. In the end you as our customer will decide the rates and marketing plan, we put in place for you should you desire to proceed.


Q:How much does RE/MAX Premier Property Management charge for their services?

  • During the above-mentioned consult either in person or via phone we shall review all our fees with you and will never pressure any client to make decisions on how they desire to proceed and will allow you all the time you need to make this very big decision with your property.